Day 14 – June 24, 2014 – Tuesday – Kalocsa, Hungary

We arrived I Hungary today. After a boarder stop at 6:00 AM we docked soon after in the Town of Kalocsa, the capital for paprika. It is grown everywhere and featured in all the stores. Kalocsa is a small, quiet, very laid back town which was fun to walk.

In the middle of nowhere on the Danube we had to stop for a passport inspection. Most of the countries do not require this but the Hungarian officials require that they see our face. At 6:00 AM we had to come to the front desk, retrieve our passport, hand them to the official and he confirmed we were the one on the photo. We then continued on our way.

Kay and I on the pedestrian street in Kalocsa

Pharmacy I went into to just look around, something I always like to do when we travel since Pharmacy is my profession.

When the owner heard me speaking to one of the other pharmacists, he came out of the back and introduced himself. He was thrilled with my visit and invited me back into his office where he told me he was a 5th generation pharmacist and his father was an historical writer about pharmacy. He showed me several of his books (which I could not read since they were in Hungarian) and many pharmaceutical antiques which he had. He extended an offer for any help we might need while in the area. Thank you Stephan. – His shoes certainly look more comfortable than the ones I wear to work!

One of the many, many, statues in the square.

Some examples of the architecture of the town.

A beautiful side walk cafe

In the local grocery the bread smelled delicious – but I purchased chocolate and beer. I acquired 5 beers, three Hungarian, one Czechoslovakian, and one Croatian.

My acquisitions. The total price for five 500ml beers was just over $5.00

Kay and our friend Heidi, relaxing while waiting to return to the ship

A couple of local gentlemen also relaxing.

In almost every shop, the shop owners were standing outside the door and smoking when there were no customers. In Eastern Europe cigarette smoking is still very prevalent. We always seek outside seating at local establishments because the smoke inside is terrible.

I have been so far behind on doing the blog that I haven’t had an opportunity to tell about our ship. The MS River Adagio. She was built in 2001 and is 410 feet in length and 38 feet wide. The passenger capacity is 164 and she carries 38 crew members. There are four decks and 82 cabins. The cabins are all at least 150 square feet and all are outside cabins. Some have small windows, others larger windows and the top deck has a tiny balcony which slightly takes away from the floor space. This seems like a small cabin and is smaller than that found on ocean cruise ships, but it is entirely adequate since it has twin beds which the room steward converts into two daytime couches.. All cabins have individual temperature controls and TV with news and other programming as well as movies. Free internet is provided which is ok. Better than ocean ships but not like home. There are periods where there is no service but most times it is adequate. Since this is our first river cruise, I really did not know what to expect, but overall I am quite pleased with both the accommodations as well as the service and food.

Our cabin.

Seating area, gift shop

The Library

The bar – Lounge

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  1. Sharon says:

    I love the picture of you and Kay! Great photo!

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