Day 38 – Friday – July 18, 2014 – Honfleur

Friday morning was fairly leisurely. After breakfast we took a short, about 1 hour walk around the old town Honfleur and learned a little of its history. We then had the remainder of the day to ourselves.

Ken our program director has dual citizenship, he was born in the US but has lived in France for over 30 years.

Salt was a very valuable commodity in the middle and late middle ages. This plaque is on a huge salt warehouse which was built from the dismantled city wall. It was capable of holding 10 million Kg of salt. That would take care of a lot of French fries….

The salt warehouse is now used as a convention and conference center and is a beautiful building.

After our guided tour, Janet, Carl, Kay and I elected to continue our walk and sought out direction to the highest point near the town. It was only about a ten to fifteen minute walk but was quite steep. The views were worth the effort.

An old iron fence still surrounding a several centuries old French farmhouse.

This was the entrance to the city prison.

Although the fishing industry in Honfleur is in severe decline, the local market stills provides a fresh supply to the restaurants and citizens. It was located directly across from our dock.

In the afternoon we took a longer walk to the beach area which was heavily used but not the pristine white sand beaches you might expect. Along the way I got this distance photo of the Pont de Normandie Bridge. It is a cable-stayed road bridge that spans the river Seine linking Le Havre to Honfleur in Normandy. Its total length is 7,032 ft. –2,808 ft. between the two piers. It is also the last bridge to cross the Seine before it empties into the ocean. It was completed in 1995 and at the time was the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

On our walk, we discovered a huge public park with many quiet spots to relax.

Along the way were various busts of famous person either from Honfleur or who made their home there. Sorry, but I don’t remember who this fellow was.

This beautiful flower display was planted along the sidewalk. It is just one of many.

This evening after dinner we were treated to a talk by Mr. Andre Heintz. Mr. Heintz is a 91 year old gentleman who was a member of the famous French Resistance group. This underground group thwarted the occupying Nazi’s in many ways and supplied intelligence to the Allied forces and aided many downed airmen. We felt very fortunate to be able to hear one of the few remaining French Resistance members.

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