Day 42 – July 22, 2014 – Tuesday – Andelys – Vernon, France

We sailed from Rouen at 8:00 AM this morning for a brief trip up the Seine to Les Andelys, where we arrived just after lunch. This morning the program directors had many activities planned. At 9:00 there was a presentation about Chateau Galliard, a fortification originally constructed by Richard the Lionhearted and subsequently seized and changed hands many times over the centuries. It currently is only ruins, but the view is beautiful.

At 10:00 there was a cooking demonstration on how to make the pastry bead for apple tarts (which we had for dinner). Chef Kopecky’s pastry has 144 layers and will melt in your mouth.

11:00 AM brought a class (with tastings) on French cheeses, sausages, butter, cream and foie gras.

After lunch we walked from the ship through the village to the chateau ruins. I needed the exercise!

Scenic view along the Seine.

Here is where we were docked. A lot of difference from being in a large city.

A view of the castle from the streets of Andelys.

A view of the castle ruins from the next hill top.

A view of the town, the river and our ship (the one in the distance) from the castle. It is easy to see why King Richard would want a fortress in this location. You have a view of the river for miles in both directions.

We still had a couple of hours before “all aboard”. We stopped at this small café and I had a couple of “new for me” beers. One a Belgium and the other French.

Another view of our home away from home.

We arrived in Vernon in the early evening. After dinner we went for a stroll. Vernon, like so many small French towns and villages is simply charming.

I don’t know the age of this building, but I am sure it was constructed before the establishment of the United States.

This beautiful sunset photo was taken near where Monet did many of his paintings.

The small pier is busy tonight! We were sandwiched between two other ships.

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