Day 45, July 25, 2014 – Friday – Paris

We sailed at 11:00 PM last night for Paris with arrival around 8:00 AM. We had a half day “panoramic tour” by bus of Paris. It pretty much took us by everything in Paris of any major significance. It would have been nice to have had a few more photo stops but nevertheless it was a great overview of the city. For the afternoon we had signed up for the Versailles tour before leaving home. We knew for reading that it would be crowded, but were still shocked. Especially after learning that it was a relatively “slow” day for visitors.

A view from our pier.

We were docked just inside the Paris city limits. Not the absolutely best spot but still not too bad.

Arc de Triumph taken from the bus. The traffic circle around the Arc is mayhem. The intersection of 12 avenues, the circle is large enough to accommodate 8 to 10 lanes (I would guess) of traffic with no lanes designated. In addition to trucks, buses and cars you also have bicycles, motorcycles and even bicycle taxies vying for space.

Kay with the Eifel tower in the background. Taken from the Trocadero.

Another view

Versailles. One of those thing you just have to do, but I can’t say I really enjoyed it. I hate crowds…

The next few photos are of various rooms and buildings of the grand Palace of Versailles.

Beautiful ceiling paintings.

And another…

The King’s “receiving” bedroom, where he officially got up each morning.

The famed “Hall of Mirrors”, no photo can do it justice.

The bedroom of Queen Marie Antoinette.

Another view of the grounds.

And another…

The balcony where the Royalty addressed the people.

A view from the garden.

After dinner tonight we went for a walk. This is the scene at the nearby pedestrian bridge. People were literally having picnics on the bridge while waiting for the beautiful sunset over the Seine River.

And the sunset..

People gathered by the hundreds along the shore to eat, drink and visit.

They sat anywhere and everywhere. The French do no how to relax.

Another sunset view.

This is a permanently anchored bar/restaurant.

Carl found a nice place to take a break. We hope he didn’t get any fleas…

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