Day 46, July 26, 2014 – Saturday – Paris

We are still docked at the same pier where we were yesterday. At 8:30 we left for a tour of the highlights of the Louvre. I say highlights because it would take weeks to see everything.

The Louvre was originally a palace. An area in underground has been preserved to show the original foundation structure and walls.

This is the smaller, inside inverted glass pyramid of the Louvre.

A view through the pyramid to the outside.

Another view of the wall and foundation.

One of the older Egyptian exhibits.

The next few photos show a few of the exhibits we saw.

Along with the huge crowds.

Winged victory

Again the crowds…

And of course…

Must not forget Cupid.

This was an interesting pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the Seine. It had a nice cover J.

We walked from the ship to Notre Dame. About two miles and a nice walk along the river.

Another view.

The line was very long, but it took only about 20 minutes to get admission to the Cathedral.

It was worth the wait. We have seen a lot of cathedrals, but Notre Dame is truly grand.

Photo speaks for itself.

The beautiful rose window.

A tower view between two buildings.

Seen on a pedestrian bridge…

One of the barges converted to a houseboat on the Seine.

After dinner the ship was moved farther up the Seine and this was an interesting photo showing one of the several smaller Statues of Liberty in conjunction with the Eifel Tower.

At our new pier, we again saw many people enjoying themselves along the pier.

About 10:00 PM Janet and I walked across the nearest bridge to get these photos just after the Tower was lighted.

Time to say Good Night…

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